Andover Mending:
Healing and Resilience

a public art installation by Cazimi


In partnership with the Andover Center for History & Culture, we will create a public art installation featuring woven elements, metal and wood sculpture, and a live performance activation inside a series of empty storefront windows on Main Street in downtown Andover.


For the past year we have been producing public art projects on Main Street transforming large fences and plazas into spaces of pause, wonder, and meditation on our relationship to nature’s life cycles. These kinds of projects add vibrancy to our main street, inviting pedestrians to take another look at what may have become a familiar and ignored space and to imagine a new possibility or new way of looking at our downtown as a center for creativity, joy, and community. 


In order to express these ideas of healing and feminine resilience, we will transform 3 store windows on Main Street into a fiber, wood, and metal environmental treasure-box installation. Our environment will embrace the Japanese traditions of Kintsugi, bringing in larger split and broken branches and then gilding their wood fibers at the wounds with gold colored (brass) foil, embracing the beauty of the brokenness. Within this gilded woodland environment, we will use fine gold colored rope to weave a spider web. The web highlights our interconnectedness, beginning in the center and radiating outward.  For a spider, the web creates a whole safe space for patiently waiting.

During the 4-week installation period, in order to bring an additional sense of life, mystery and change to the windows, we will activate the installation with a durational performance three times. The subtle, strange performance will be its own call to re-examine life as it is, explore darkness and transmutation and re-engage nature and our humanity in new and perhaps more meaningful ways. Each activation will last 4 hours, giving passersby the opportunity to observe for as long or short an amount of time as they like.



March 2 – 6, 2022


Saturday, April 16, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Sunday, April 24, 10:30 am – 1:30 pm
Saturday, April 30, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Square Stitching

There is a long history of women gathering to stitch and support one another.  These circles are generative in the sharing of wisdom and in the making of quilts, handspun yarn or knit sweaters.  Literally and figuratively they wrap us in warmth. The spider symbolizes the feminine, ancient wisdom and interconnection as well as artistry and manifestation.  

We honor our web of connection.  
The web is rocking, yet resilient.  
We celebrate the tensile strength of the feminine.

You are invited into this creative space and into connection.  
Stitch your own square.  
Share it on Instagram @cazimi.collab #mending.  

We would love to co-create another installation with your stitchwork.
Mail or drop it to
Andover Center for History and Culture
97 Main St. Andover, MA 01810.


We are three local artists, long-time residents, and active members of the Andover community.

Silver Labyrinth Design

725 Fulton

Lost Notebook

We are fortunate to be able to name Andover Center for History & Culture as our host and fiscal agent. The Center gathers and shares Andover’s stories to deepen connections between people and their community.


We are seeking financial support for this project from partners like you within the Andover community.

Leaves ($25)

  • A print of the installation on a 4″x6″ postcard

Branches ($75)

  • A magic square
  • A print of the installation on a 4″x6″ postcard

Spinnerets ($125)

  • A hand crafted dream catcher
  • A print of the installation on a 4″x6″ postcard
  • Listing on signage
  • Inclusion in press release

Spider Silk ($250)

  • A Hopeful
  • A print of the installation on a 4″x6″ postcard
  • Listing on signage
  • Inclusion in press release

Web ($500)

  • A mixed media piece created from components of the installation
  • A print of the installation on a 4″x6″ postcard
  • Listing on signage
  • Inclusion in press release

You can also send a check, payable to Andover Center for History and Culture with the memo notation “Andover Mending” to 97 Main Street, Andover, MA 01810.

Center staff can also be reached at 978-475-2236 on a limited schedule.

As a 501c3 nonprofit, all donations made to the Andover Center for History and Culture for the Andover Mending: Healing & Resilience project are tax deductible. Please consult your tax adviser.